Slow Cooker French Dip

Oh my if you own a slow cooker you need to try this Slow Cooker French Dip Recipe. The hubby and I quite often choose French Dip sandwiches when we order Arby’s food. If you have never tried a french dip, it is beef with amazing flavor and a Au Jus sauce for dipping. The beef flavoring in the Au Jus is so perfect for dipping. The hubby and I tossed the beef roast in with just a couple items into the crock-pot last night and we all enjoyed these French Dip Sandwiches for dinner. They were so tasty that everyone came back for seconds and some even for thirds. I really like to melt Swiss Cheese on top of mine for the extra yumminess.


Slow Cooker French Dip

I loved how simple this slow cooker French Dip recipe was. I just tossed it in the slow cooker late last night and it was ready this morning. The good thing is the longer it cooks the better it gets.


4 lb Beef Roast
1 tbsp Minced Garlic
1 small Onion quartered
1 tbsp Rosemary
3 Bay Leaves
1 cup Soy Sauce
6 cup Water
8 Sub Rolls
Bell Peppers (optional)
Onions (optional)
Cheese (optional)


Place roast in slow cooker.
Place rosemary in bay leaves in a piece of cheesecloth and gather it up and tie with twine/string.
Add remaining ingredients.
Cook on Low for 8 to 10 hours.
Remove bay leaves and rosemary and discard.
Remove and shred beef.
Strain juices to serve as Au Jus.
Return everything to crock pot on warm and serve.
If you like, you can sautee onions and peppers and add cheese to the sandwiches.

If you are needing an easy no fail slow cooker dinner, you MUST make this French Dip Recipe. Its so quick and easy. Easy to toss in the slow cooker and have ready after a day at work.

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  1. Barbara Kushner says

    Instead of putting the bay leaf and rosemary in cheesecloth you can place it in a tea-ball.

    Thanks for the great looking recipe, I can’t wait to try it. My husband LOVES French Dip Sandwiches.

  2. says

    It worked with the sirloin tip roast! It turned out FABULOUS! I did have to make changes based on what I had on hand and since my roast was half the size of yours, but it was fantastic! <3

  3. says

    What can you do to substitute the Bay leaf that is in the recipe?
    We cannot eat this due to sensitive stomachs, and it sounds like it
    adds an important part of the flavor as you are using soy sauce instead
    of beef broth in the recipe.

  4. Chelsea says

    I just want to say that your recipe is a regular in this house! We love it! I am making it again tonight to feed our sheriffs office! I also want to add that I don’t put the bay leaves and rosemary in a cheesecloth, and it comes out fine! I just remember how many sprigs and leaves I put and pull them before serving. Sometimes the rosemary falls apart but it’s okay! Also, I don’t strain juices, I just shred the meat right there in the pot and when ready to serve, use a spoon with holes to strain the juices then, and a ladle to pour the au jus! Best sandwich I’ve ever had! Thank you!

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