Oreo Popcorn


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The kiddos were off from school today so we decided to make Oreo Popcorn. Yes, it sounds a bit odd but this stuff is so darn good! It’s not like the kids needed anymore sugar in their systems but, we thought it would be fun to have an afternoon treat. I was a bit nervous about trying Oreo popcorn but I think I am now addicted ha ha! The combination of the popcorn and cookies was really quite tasty. I saved some for the hubby and he gave me that strange look. He did try it and made me make another batch, lol.  I know that Oreo Cookies are great with milk but I forgot to grab myself a glass!


Oreo Popcorn

Oreo popcorn is so simple to make. Just some crushed Oreo Cookies with some chocolate added to the popcorn and you have one delicious snack. Full of sugar, YES! But very tasty!


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12 Oreo cookies
11 oz White Chocolate Chips
5 cup popped Popcorn


Place Oreos in food processor and pulse several times to finely chop (do not reduce them to dust).
Melt chocolate by heating in microwave for 30 seconds then stirring and repeating until smooth and melted.
Put popcorn in a large bowl.
Pour chocolate over popcorn and mix to coat evenly.
Sprinkle cookie pieces over popcorn and mix to coat evenly.
Allow to cool and serve.


Since the kiddos are off on a 4 day weekend I am sure they will convince me to make them other Sugar Filled Snacks to share with you this  next week.  Be sure to let me know if you give this Popcorn a try. You will LOVE it!


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  1. A co-workers mother made this for me it was soooo delish, will be making this for my kids to try on our family nite

  2. I made this tonight and it was delicious! I have 2 suggestions:
    1. After I popped the popcorn, I poured it into a large bowl and didn’t separate the Unpopped kernels from the popped. Let’s just say I spent about 20 minutes going through the batch and removing kernels. Separate the kernels before you add sticky chocolate and crushed Oreos.
    2. Don’t heat the chocolate for more than 1 minute. Some of my chocolate became carmelized and I had to take out some of it.
    Overall, it was so good!!