Dollar Store DIY Mason Jar Mummy Luminaries

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I can not say enough how adorable these Dollar Store DIY Mason Jar Mummy Luminaries are. I have been coming up with some cheap Dollar Store frugal craft projects to add a bit of fun and warmth around our home. I mentioned how expensive Halloween decor can be at the stores. I have been super excited at all the ideas that I have had so far with all of the Dollar Store items. I am not that crafty yet I have found so many of my ideas to be quite easy and perfect around our home.

Mason Jar Mummy Luminaries

Dollar Store DIY Mason Jar Mummy Luminaries

I have been saving all of our glass condiment jars as they are great to re purpose for many things specifically today they were great for our Mummy Luminaries.  I grabbed a few various sized condiment jars and we got to crafting. If you are looking for an inexpensive and adorable way to display your love for Halloween consider making these Dollar Store DIY Mummy Luminaries.


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Supplies Needed
Mason Jars or left over Condiment Jars
Medical Gauze
Googly Eyes (You could also Draw these on your mummy)
Battery Operated Candle


Wrap your Jar up with Medical Gauze . You can adhere your end with any type of adhesive (even clear tape works) Be sure to cross your gauze back and forth to give a “mummy effect”. Note: You will not want to wrap too much or your light will not shine through.
Add Google Eyes or make your own
Add your Battery Operated Candle

Hopefully you give this quick easy and inexpensive Halloween decor to give a try. They are adorable enough that my hubby and kiddos could not quit talking about how cute they were. We made three luminaries to make a little “family” you can make a single mummy or make a group. These look great on the front porch or in a window.

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