Peanut Butter Eggs


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Peanut Butter Eggs see a rich, creamy peanut filling coated in chocolate. This super easy Reese’s Eggs copycat recipe is perfect for Easter!

These Homemade Reese Peanut Butter Eggs are some of the most delicious Easter candies we’ve made! For more Easter treats, check out our Homemade Cadbury Eggs Recipe or our Homemade Coconut Cream Eggs.

Peanut Butter Eggs for Easter in a basket

Peanut Butter Eggs

Every holiday has it’s own variety of candies and sweets that flood the shelves at grocery stores. Candy canes around Christmas, Sweethearts around Valentine’s Day, and basically everything when Halloween comes around! When it comes to Easter, two big candies come to mind: PEEPS and those tasty Reese’s Eggs. We love those Reeses Eggs so much that we even make some ourselves! That’s where this recipe for Peanut Butter Eggs comes in.

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Reese's egg with a bite

We love making Homemade Reese Eggs because you can use all your favorite ingredients. Got a specific chocolate you like? You can use it for the chocolate shell! Not to mention that our Peanut Butter Egg filling tastes way better than the stuff in the store-bought Reese Eggs. What more can I say: these Peanut Butter Easter Eggs are just better when you make them from scratch!

Text on image Peanut Butter Eggs

These Easter treats will last a while too, which makes them great candy gifts. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs around the Easter holiday season! We hope you all make some of these up and share them around. This has always been one of our favorite candy recipes for a reason- give them a try and you’ll see why!

Text on image Peanut Butter Eggs

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Text on image Peanut Butter Eggs

Reese’s Eggs Ingredients

  • Peanut Butter – Go with a creamy peanut butter here, unless you want some crunchy eggs. If you wanted to be really authentic here, you could use some Reese’s creamy peanut butter.
  • Butter
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Powdered Sugar / Confectioner’s Sugar
  • Chocolate Chips – We used to use dark cocoa melting chips for recipes like this. Now we usually use actual chocolate chips and some shortening and it gets similar results. We also get to use our favorite chocolates using this method!
  • Shortening – You can also use coconut oil here if you want to be a bit healthier. Be careful about using a coconut oil that’s too natural here though: virgin coconut oil is good for you but it really tastes like coconut. Unless you want coconut-flavored Reese’s Eggs, go with a refined coconut oil.

Reese's Eggs Ingredients

How to make Peanut Butter Eggs

These Easy Peanut Butter Eggs are so simple to make. Here’s how to make some yourself:
  1. Melt peanut butter and butter together in microwave. Stir together with vanilla and powdered sugar. Divide into portions and shape into eggs before putting in freezer.
  2. Microwave chocolate and shortening in 30 second bursts, stirring between until melted and smooth.
  3. Dip peanut butter eggs in chocolate coating. Refrigerate 10 minutes to set before enjoying.

Peanut Butter and butter in a bowl

Add your butter and peanut butter to a large mixing bowl. Microwave for 1 minute and stir well until melted and blended.

Melted Peanut Butter Mixture

Add in the vanilla and powdered sugar.

Vanilla and powdered sugar added to peanut butter mixture

Start stirring everything together.

Eventually, it’ll all come together into a shapeable filling.

Peanut Butter Egg filling

Divide up into portions- we usually go with 10- and shape into eggs. Set eggs on a parchment lined baking sheet and freeze for 15 minutes. In the meantime, add chocolate and shortening to another mixing bowl.

Chocolate and Shortening in a bowl

Microwave the chocolate and shortening in 30 second bursts, stirring in between to ensure even melting. Once melted, take your peanut butter eggs and drop them into the chocolate coating. Flip to coat completely and lift out with a fork, letting excess chocolate drip off. Repeat with remaining eggs.

Peanut Butter Reese egg dipped in chocolate

Place coated eggs back onto a parchment lined baking sheet and refrigerate for 10 minutes to set the chocolate shell. Once the shell is set, your Homemade Reese’s Eggs are done! Grab one, bite in, and enjoy.

Easter Peanut Butter Reese egg

How long do Homemade Peanut Butter Eggs last? Can you freeze Peanut Butter Eggs?

Kept in an airtight container in the fridge, your Peanut Butter Eggs should last a good 2-3 weeks. If kept well enough, they might even been good for a whole month! For longer term storage, consider freezing them: if frozen, they should last 2-3 months. Let thaw in the fridge before enjoying. Do note that freezing chocolate can mess with it’s “temper,” which means the texture of the shell may change after freezing. Still safe to eat though!

Showing the inside of Copycat Reese's Egg

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Peanut Butter Eggs

By: Jen CIncyshopper
Peanut Butter Eggs see a rich, creamy peanut filling coated in chocolate. This super easy Reese’s Eggs copycat recipe is perfect for Easter!
Prep: 8 minutes
Cook: 2 minutes
Chill Time: 45 minutes
Total: 55 minutes
Servings: 10 eggs


  • 1 cup Peanut Butter
  • 1/4 cup Butter
  • 1 tsp Vanilla
  • 1 1/2 cup Powdered Sugar
  • 1 1/2 cup Chocolate Chips
  • 1 tbsp Shortening


  • Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.
  • Melt peanut butter and butter for 1 minute in microwave.
  • Stir until well blended.
  • Add vanilla and powdered sugar and mix well. If mixture is too wet and sticky add more powdered sugar.
  • Divide mixture into 10 portions and shape into a egg shape.
  • Place eggs on prepared sheet and place in freezer for 15 minutes.
  • Melt chocolate and shortening in microwave by heating for 30 seconds then stirring and repeating process until it is melted and smooth.
  • Using a fork, dip egg into chocolate and flip to cover completely. Lift with fork and gently tap on edge of the bowl allowing excess chocolate to drip off.
  • Place back on parchment paper.
  • Refrigerate 10 minutes until chocolate has set.


Note: If your peanut butter egg mixture is not workable, add more powdered sugar. Depending on the peanut butter used in the recipe, you may need more sugar.


Calories: 365kcal, Carbohydrates: 35g, Protein: 6g, Fat: 24g, Saturated Fat: 9g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 4g, Monounsaturated Fat: 8g, Trans Fat: 1g, Cholesterol: 17mg, Sodium: 154mg, Potassium: 148mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 30g, Vitamin A: 142IU, Calcium: 14mg, Iron: 1mg
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Homemade Reese's Eggs- Super simple to make at home. A Easter candy favorite. Plus they make for a great addition to Easter baskets.


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  1. Great idea to use a deviled egg tray/plate to mold the peanut butter filling into egg shapes. . I plan to coat mold lightly with vegetable spray in hopes of being able to remove them easier.

    1. Think about this now. Do you really think this will make any difference in the end result? You aren’t baking a delicate cake that requires a careful balance between salt and baking soda. You are basically covering peanut butter with some chocolate. Use whatever kind of butter is on sale!!

  2. Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe! I used homemade almond butter and I was able to make a dozen with plenty of leftover chocolate! Next time I may use 6oz. My son has a peanut allergy but now he can enjoy a classic candy! Thanks again!

  3. I thinned the chocolate just a wee bit by adding a tablespoon of Crisco to it (I like for the pb to be the star of the show) and after shaping the dough I inserted some wooden skewers into them and then froze the eggs. Those skewers made dipping them into the chocolate a breeze. I do the same thing with my buckeye candies using toothpicks. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

    1. I would also suggest that you try putting in some graham cracker crumbs-they really help to give that little bit of “gritty” texture that the original reese’s eggs have.

  4. This is perhaps one of the most delicious deserts I’ve ever made. (Reese’s are my favorite candy.. And the fact that I can make them at home is a little dangerous:) )

    Thanks for the fabulous recipie!

    1. Ha Ha Bailey! I have a secret little bin in the back of the fridge that is not see-through to hide my stash. Reese’s are my favorite and always have been. A bit of an addiction. Glad you are enjoying too!

  5. Thanks for the great recipe. My husband suggested I use our deviled egg holder to shape the eggs. It was perfect! They look so cute and uniform. They were a little difficult to get out of the holder, but I would definitely use it again. I got about 40 chocolate eggs from this recipe using that tray as a mold.

    1. Oh wow Jody! I had not thought of that idea. I plan to make some other eggs next week and I am going to have to give that trick a try. Be very careful as I am sure you are aware, they are quite addicting, lol. Glad you made these as these were my favorite eggs I made so far.