Walgreens March Coupon Book

Here are all the great coupons included in the Walgreens March Coupon Book. Remember these coupons can be stacked with Manufacturers coupons to get the most savings you can. These books can be found soon as you enter the Store located next to the Store Sales Ad.

$2/1 5-Hour Energy Shots
$3/1 Abreva Cold Sore Relief
$1/1 Abreva Conceal Invisible Cold Sore Patches
$1/1 Advil, Children’s Product
$2/1 Allegra 24 Hour Allergy Relief Item
$10/1 Alli Weight Loss Aid
$2/1 Almay Cosmetics and Makeup Removers
$10/1 Aquafresh Whitening Trays
$5/1 Asthmaneferin or Atomizer Starter Kit
$5/1 At Home Drug Test
$2/1 Avent Pacifier Pack
$1/1 Azo Standard Urinary Pain Relief or Cranberry Tablets
$1/1 Baby Orajel Naturals Teething Relief
$2/1 Bausch & Lomb ReNu Multipurpose Solution
$3/1 Bausch & Lomb Soothe Eye Drops
$4/1 Blink or Complete Drops or Revitalens or Complete Multipurpose Solution
$1.50/1 Burt’s Bees Body Lotion
$0.50/1 Chicken of the Sea Tuna, Smoked Oysters, Smoked Sardines or Pink Salmon
$2/1 Children’s Wal-Zyr
$3/1 Citrucel Fiber Therapy Product
$0.50/1 Clear Eyes Eye Relief
$1/1 Colgate Advanced Toothpaste or 360 Clean Toothbrush
$2/1 Compound W Wart Remover
$5/1 Culturelle Probiotic Digestive Health
$3/1 Delsym Cough Suppressant
$3/1 Diabeti-Derm Hand & Body Lotion, Foot Cream or Antifungal Cream
$1/2 Dove Promises, Eggs or Minis
$2/1 Dulcolax Tablets, Liquid Gels or Suppositories
$1/1 Emergen-C Supplement
$5/1 Emergency Weather Alert Radio with Alarm Clock or Portable Alert Radio
$2/1 Fiber Smart Ultimate Chia Seed
$1/1 Flintstones Multivitamin Product
$2/1 Florastor Probiotic
$0.50/1 Florida’s Natural Orange Juice
$1/2 General Mills or Cascadian Farms Cereal
$3/1 Geritol Multivitamin
$1 off Glade Decor Scents Car
$2/1 Health Solutions Digital Scale or Wexford Glass Personal Scale
$1/2 Hershey’s Easter Packaged Candy
$1/1 Hershey’s, Reese’s or Cadbury Easter Candy
$2.50/1 Huggies Little Movers, Snug & Dry, Slip Ons or Pull-Ups
$5/1 i-Cool Menopause Relief
$25/1 iBG Star Blood Glucose Monitoring System
$1/2 Jolly Rancher Candy
$1/2 Jolly Rancher Candy
$1/1 Kaopectate Product
$3/1 L’Oreal Frost & Design or Couleur Experte Hair Color
$2/1 L’Oreal Studio Line Item
$3/1 L’Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base, Luminous Primer or Cream
$2/1 Lactaid Fast Act Digestive Relief
$2/1 Lamisil Antifungal Cream
$1/2 Lindt Chocolate Bunny or Eggs
$1/1 Little Tummy’s Gas Drops or Gripe Water
$1/1 Little Tummy’s Yummy Fiber Gummies
$2/1 Lubriderm Lotion
$5/1 MagOx 400
$1/1 Marked Protein Bar
$3/1 Marked Whey Protein Powder or Blast & Burn Pack
$1/2 Mars Minis
$2/1 Medline Bedside Toilet Liners
$2/1 Medline Foam Cushion
$2/1 Medline Lumbar Back Cushion
$2/1 Medline Male Urinal
$2/1 Medline Walker Ski
$5/1 Muscle Care Pain Relief Gel
$1/1 Nature’s Bounty Fiber Gummies or Calcium Gummies
$2/1 NeilMed Sinus Rinse Pre-Mixed Packets
$2/1 Neosporin Lip Health
$1/1 Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes or Wipes
$2/1 Neutrogena Lip or Eye Makeup
$5/1 New Nordic Hair Volumes Supplement
$5/1 NuSyte Product
$15/1 Omron Electrotherapy Pain Relief Device
$2/1 OneTouch Delica Lancets
$4/1 OneTouch Ultra Blue Test Strips
$10/1 OneTouch UltraMini Blood Glucose Monitor
$1/1 Orajel Toothache Item
$1/1 Pentel Mechanical Pencil Lead
$1/2 Planters Nut Product
$2/1 Poise Cooling Gel, Panty Fresheners, Cooling Towelettes, Vaginal Wash or Personal Lubricant
$2/1 Prevacid 24HR Acid Relief Item
$0.50/1 Quilted Northern Bath Tissue
$1/1 Ricola Cough Drops
$1/1 Right Guard Extreme or Total Defense 5 Deodorant
$2/1 Sally Hansen Beauty Tool
$4/1 Similasan Ear Drops
$1/1 Simply Saline Nasal Mist or Spray, Baby Nasal Gel or Swabs
$2/1 Sinus Buster Nasal Spray
$1/2 Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich or Truffle Bar
$1/1 Smooth Move Organic Senna Tea
$1/1 Studio 35 Professional Cosmetic Brushes or Nail Appliques
$3/1 Tinactin Athlete’s Foot Item
$3/1 Tinactin Jock Itch Relief
$5/1 vH Essentials BV Treatment Insert
$1/1 W Ear Wax Removal Drops or Ear Wax Removal Kit
$1/1 W Flushable Personal Cleansing Wipes
$1/1 W Medicine Bottle Magnifier
$2/1 W Premium Baby Wipes
$1/1 Wal-Born Effervescent
$3/1 Wal-Dryl Allergy Relief
$5/1 Wal-Fex Allergy Relief
$1/1 Wal-Four Nasal Spray
$5/1 Wal-itin Allergy Relief
$2/1 Wal-Mucil Fiber
$1/1 Wal-Sleep Z
$2/1 Wal-Tussin DM Product
$4/1 Wal-Zan 150 Acid Reducer
$2/1 Walgreens 4X Probiotic
$1/1 Walgreens Certainty Underwear
$3/1 Walgreens Certainty Underwear
$2/1 Walgreens Clear Soluble Fiber Powder
$2/1 Walgreens Daily Fiber and Probiotic
$2/1 Walgreens Daytime and Nighttime Cough
$15/1 Walgreens Deluxe Arm or Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor or Pulse Oximeter
$10/1 Walgreens Digital Forehead, Temple or Compact Instant Ear Thermometer
$5/1 Walgreens Extended-Release Niacin
$5/1 Walgreens Hearing Aid Batteries
$5/1 Walgreens International Phone Card
$1/1 Walgreens Lancing Device
$5/1 Walgreens Mucus Relief
$10/1 Walgreens Nicotine Gum or Lozenge
$5/1 Walgreens Omega-3 Krill Oil
$10/1 Walgreens Phone Card
25% off Walgreens Photo Cards
$3/1 Walgreens Probiotic Colon Support
$1/1 Walgreens Saline Nasal Mist
$0.50/1 Walgreens Saline Nasal Spray
$5/1 Walgreens Super Probiotic Digestive Support
$2/1 Walgreens Vitamin C or Sore Throat Lollipops
$4/1 Walgreens Whey Protein Powder
$1/1 Women’s Finest Healthy Skin Support Multivitamins
$3/1 Zaditor Eye Drops
$5/1 Zostrix Hot & Cold Therapy System Arthritis Pain Relief Cream

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