The Future of Double Coupons in Cincinnati?

As we approach the end of Kroger Double coupons on Thursday, I was wanting to take a look at how this will affect the typical coupon shopper. To my surprise, two other grocery chains in the area decided to tweak their double coupon policies as well.

This week Meijer stores in Northern Kentucky are not doubling coupons. Cincinnati Meijer stores are doubling and indicate they are unaware of any change in policy. According to Meijer corporate, “double coupons” is a promotion which can be found in the weekly flyer or by contacting the specific store directly. This leaves Meijer’s double coupon policy subject to change on a weekly basis.

Not so ironically, this week Remke bigg’s is having a Buy One Get One sale and emphasizing that they still double coupons everyday. In fact they will honor and even double a manufacturer’s coupon on the free item during the BOGO Sale! At a time when the others want to eliminate doubles, or at least keep their options open, Remke is standing behind their doubles.

I wanted to try and show how a Kroger shopping trip is affected by doubles but unfortunately, the deals this week at Kroger are not that great. I plan to buy the following at Kroger this week:

Qty Item Price Ext Face Val Reg Cpn Dbl Cpn
5 BeechNut Squeezable 0.99 4.95 0.50/1 2.50 4.95
10 Knorr Sides 1.00 10.00 0.50/2 2.50 5.00
10 Chips Ahoy 1.77 17.70 0.75/2 3.75 5.00
5 Carefree Liners 1.00 5.00 0.50/1 2.50 5.00
2 Campbell’s Go Soup 2.99 5.98 1.00/1 2.00 2.00
4 Red Baron Pizzas 2.99 11.96 1/00/2 2.00 2.00
TOTAL 55.59 15.25 23.95
Savings 27% 43%
40.34 31.64

You can see that my savings with doubles is 43% versus 27% without doubles.

Kroger had asserted that only a small number of coupons even qualified for doubling. I looked at their sale flyer and found that their are 24 food items with a total of 82 coupons available. Of these 82 coupons, 32 of which were less than a dollar. Unfortunately there is no easy way to determine the overall effect on your savings because some of these coupons are only distributed in certain areas, many people have multiple coupons, and there are different purchase requirements for each coupon.

The next issue is the new lower prices. Grocery prices vary by day and region so it is nearly impossible to say if the new prices are lower than they would have been otherwise. I have tried to compare sale prices between Cincinnati and Atlanta this week to get some perspective, but some things are cheaper here and some are cheaper there, and Atlanta still has doubles. I have seen similar issues when other bloggers post how they are using a certain coupon at Kroger and show their prices only to find the prices are different here, quite often higher.

Only time will tell if the Kroger move to eliminate double coupons will be the best choice for them. Also, we will have to see if Meijer is prepping up to follow suit.  In the meantime, die hard doublers still have options for now.

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  1. Karisa says

    I like how you compared the savings percentage of doubles and no doubles. It’s true that a lot of coupons wouldn’t be affected, but those coupons are usually off of two items. It’s usually .50/1 versus 1.00/2, not always, but a lot of times. So, I think it REALLY IS better when the store doubles…or they should have some really good sale prices if they don’t double. On another note, I got some great deals at Remke/Bigg’s with their BOGO sale, thanks for the match-ups!

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