How to Pick the Perfect Pumpkin

Wondering how to pick the perfect pumpkin? When it comes to fall, nothing says it better than pumpkins. Everyone wants to have the perfect pumpkin for crafts and decorating but choosing the perfect one isn’t easy. Knowing something about pumpkins can sometimes make the choice easier, but there are other factors that should be included before you set out for the pumpkin patch. Here are some fun facts about pumpkins that might help make choosing those pumpkins a bit easier.

How to Pick the Perfect Pumpkin


How to Pick the Perfect Pumpkin

Pumpkin Color Pumpkins come in orange, white, green and blue. If you have a pattern in mind for that perfect pumpkin, it might influence your choice of pumpkin color. If you are going to create a monster, or a ghost, the decision is a little more obvious than a haunted house or cat. Also knowing how many crafts you plan on doing with all these pumpkins will significantly impact your pumpkin buying and your time constraints. Consider groupings and different colored pumpkins together for a festive fall grouping.

Pumpkin Size When it comes to pumpkin size, it depends on how they lay as they grow. Often times, the ones that are long and skinny grow lengthwise so they are more ideal for long faces, trees or other taller designs to be carved into them. Never get a pumpkin that is bigger than you can carry, if the pumpkin is excessive in size, there is a good chance that the inside of the pumpkin has already begun to rot and you will have a squishy, saggy pumpkin in no time.

Knock on your Pumpkin– Pumpkins which are ripe will have a very hollow sound. Ripe pumpkins will not last quite as long but are fine for carving. If purchasing you are purchasing your pumpkin early a ripe pumpkin may not be your best choice.

Does the Pumpkin Sit Level? If using your pumpkin for display purposes you will want the pumpkin to be  able to sit up straight. If the pumpkin has flat spots it just might not stand upright. Check before you purchase.

Does your Pumpkin Have a Nice “Side” for Carving? You will need to make sure that your pumpkin has a nice sized side that is free of major blemishes for your carvings. Nothing is more disappointing than finding that your pumpkin is not suited well for that perfect stencil you or your child has chosen.

Pumpkins for Cooking If you are looking for pumpkins because of their seeds, the larger the pumpkin, the less seeds there are. The larger or older the pumpkin, the more “dead” the pumpkin is, making more seeds inedible. If you are looking for the guts to make a pumpkin pie, the larger the better as there will be more guts to make more pie, but also the risk of more mold

Pumpkin Mold When inspecting a pumpkin that you are interested in, make sure that there are no mold spots on the pumpkin. If it looks like dirt but doesn’t come off, it’s mold. Molding happens quickly once the pumpkins are taken from the vine and moved to sit in boxes at the grocery store, or in a huge pile.

There you have it a few quick tips/facts for you to consider before purchasing your pumpkin this year.

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