Frugal Tips For Saving on Your Electric Bill

Looking for a way to allow for Saving on your Electric Bill? During the dog days of summer and the cold of winter, electric bills soar to new heights. It is not uncommon for the bills to hit all time highs these days due to the increased costs across the nation. For this reason, finding ways to cut into that electric bill is vital for most families. We have personally have been discussing some of these tips with our kiddos (they leave lights and electronics on ALL of the time). Here are some easy solutions and tips to get that bill under control:

Electric Bills Savings

Frugal Tips For Saving on Your Electric Bill

Switch to Energy Efficient Florescent Lightbulbs

This one was a somewhat tough one for me personally. I hated paying extra for the bulbs and I was not impressed with the lighting that is offered with Florescent Light bulbs. I will admit the bulbs have gotten much cheaper and the quality of lighting has improved.

Inspect your equipment regularly
Faulty equipment is a likely culprit when it comes to energy waste. Check out your heating and air conditioning systems on a regular basis to be sure they are running properly. It is also a good idea to have someone inspect them annually for to ensure maximum production.

Use power strips for items that suck energy
People usually are unaware that certain items will drain energy even if they are not in use. Locate those items throughout your home and plug them into power strips that can be turned on and off. When you use these items, plug them in and turn them off when you are not. Remember all those cell phone chargers and the like? Those are prime examples. We can now purchase energy saving power strips. Many are available on Amazon.

Make sure you change your filters regularly
Filters can cause your units to run horribly and that puts a drain on your electric bill. Change them out on a regular basis.

Put lights on a timer
Certain lights stay on all the time in your home whether you intend for them to or not. Put those lights on a timer to go off during the hours of the day that you are not home or asleep. That alone will help you to quell that electric bill.

Turn out lights when you leave the room
No timer can help you here. If you are at home, only you can keep your lights turned out. This simple habit learned by everyone in your home can have a huge impact on your electric bill. Learn it and enforce it.

Use that thermostat programming program
If you have a programmable thermostat, then learn how to use it properly. These things are awesome if you can manipulate them correctly. It is possible to literally heat and cool your home based on time of day, where you are in the home and even room by room. Take the time to learn about your equipment and it will pay off handsomely.

Make sure you fill in the cracks
No matter how awesome your equipment might be, it is not going to be efficient if your insulation is horrible. Go around your home inside and out and make sure you have filled in any cracks or holes that are letting precious energy escape. If cold is getting in, then you can be sure heat is getting out. The opposite is true when it is hot outside. Fill in those gaps and check the insulation in your home attic and basement. This can make a huge difference as well.

Consider alternate energy sources
If you have alternate energy sources such as wind or solar power within your means, then you should truly look into it. It will save you a ton of cash over time and take away your dependence on electricity in the process. It also will help the Earth survive longer by saving on natural resources.

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