Do You Shop Aldi? Please Share Your Thoughts

We shop Aldi quite often for the  Milk, cheap eggs, Yogurt, and especially produce! Do you shop Aldi? If so, what are some of your favorite items? I honestly never cared for Aldi years ago until I was forced to shop Aldi because of my  food budget. I tried many different items and found I liked many of them. When coupons are scarce on certain items that my stock has depleted (spaghetti tonight, grr, lol), I will almost always use Aldi if there is not a sale or I need to grab an item quickly. I would love to hear your thoughts on Aldi, the items you have tried and liked or disliked!


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  1. chris says

    I love Aldi. I shop there most weeks for some of the same things you do. Almost everything I have tried there I like. I do find the produce I have to be careful that it is fresh, since we have a small family. The only thing I won’t buy so far is the bread, every loaf I have ever bought there has had holes in it. And, I don’t buy their bananas, since I am the only one who eats them and they turn quicker than other stores. If you had a whole family who ate them, I am sure it would be fine.

    They have great prices on basic things, especially if there aren’t coupon deals. A couple of things that you didn’t mention that we like are the flour tortillas and the gyro kits (frozen section). The orange juice with calcium in the carton is good. Their hams are very good, and I love when they have the boneless, skinless chicken breasts on meat special. I stocked up on some of the baking supplies at Christmas, and also bought some of the beef and chicken broth in the aseptic cartons, both were good.

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