DIY RePurposed Sweater Vase

It’s time to throw together a DIY Repurposed Sweater Vase. Do you have an old sweater or two laying around that you just are wearing anymore? Perhaps it has holes, or stains, or just doesn’t fit anymore. Whatever the case may be, why not turn your old sweater into something pretty and practical? This DIY sweater vase is such a fun way to revamp an old sweater and vase and even bring the look of fall into your home in a creative way. You don’t need a great deal of supplies to whip one of these up, nor do they take a great deal of time. Take a look below at how easy it is to make your own!

DIY Sweater Vase

DIY Repurposed Sweater Vase

Supplies Needed:
An old sweater
Hot glue, glue gun
Tall cylinder vase- Or Be on the look out for a perfect Container like a tall Spaghetti Jar

That’s it! Chances are you already have these items around your home. If you are looking for a tall cylinder vase, Hobby Lobby and other craft and thrift stores sell these for just a few dollars. A thrift store is also a hot spot if you are in need of a sweater that you can cut.

1. Cut the sleeve of your sweater off.
2. Pull the sleeve over the vase carefully. If the sleeve is a bit narrow and tight, you want to stretch it over slowly so you don’t risk shattering the vase.
3. The wrist of the sweater (cuff) should be at the top of the vase. Pull it up to the top so the sweater and vase line up. You can fold your cuff down if you wish just create a little more interest.
4. You will now have a bunch of leftover fabric at the bottom of your vase. Trim it up so about 2 inches remains.
5. Apply hot glue generously to the bottom of the vase and begin pulling the fabric covering the glue. Press the fabric down on the glue firmly to secure it.
6. You want to pull your fabric as you do this to create a smooth finish. Continue adding glue and securing fabric so that the bottom is nice and clean. Remember, you want to keep it as smooth as possible so it stays level.

Now, all you need to do is find something to display in your vase. Do not use candles unless they are battery operated at there could be a fire hazard with the sweater fabric. Instead, opt for faux fall flowers, fresh flowers, twigs and sticks, or other fall fixings you can find. How easy is that?

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