Cleaning Your Microwave In Just a Few Minutes Time

Ok, who does not dread cleaning their microwave? I always have as it seems like such a long tedious job. Scrubbing and Scrubbing that feelings like hours (and usually is, lol). Well that is now a thing of the past. The hubby and I will no longer bicker about who is going to do that nasty job:)  I can now clean the microwave in just a few minutes time. And, so can you…

Fill a medium sized bowl with around 2 cups of water and add about two tablespoons of white vinegar. Place the bowl in the microwave, close door, and run for 5 minutes.

The steam that is produced will help loosen all that cooked on food and the vinegar will eliminate all those nasty odors. Once the five minutes is up, remove your bowl (carefully of course. Then remove the turntable, then you need to start wiping down RIGHT AWAY! If you have a stubbornness like mine you may need to wait a minute or two for the steam to penetrate that gonked up mess. It’s amazing how much easier the nuker is too clean after trying this cheap and simple idea.

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    • Jen says

      Oh That’s Great! I think mine needs to be done again, lol. I am think probably daily with these microwaving snack kids:)

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